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Living with Type 1 Diabetes

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The goal of our feature documentary, “Frame of Mind: Living with Type 1 Diabetes”, is to help communities understand type 1 diabetes, help diabetics and their support systems get the proper information about the disease, and shine a light on the cost of diabetes to society. If diabetics watch this film and apply the information to their lives it would help control their blood sugars, which alone will save trips to the hospital, and prevent or prolong loss of eyesight, limbs, or organs.


Diabetes has a cost to everyone. To those without diabetes, this film will address why fighting this disease is important, discerning between the different types of diabetes, and provide everyone tools to take on the disease. This disease also effects everyone fiscally. In 2010 diabetes cost$376 billion to the world economy. We all live and work with type one diabetics, but seemingly no one knows about the disease and would not know what to do in an emergency situation. These situations are not only costly but life threatening, this knowledge can and will save lives. This non-profit film aims to help eradicate and manage diabetes, and all proceeds will go towards type 1 diabetes research.  If you would like to donate please visit our donations page.


My name is Spencer Mueller and I am the director of “Frame of Mind: Living with Type 1 Diabetes”. Not only am I a director, but I’m also a camera operator, a student, a son, a brother, uncle, cousin, and a type 1 diabetic. Type 1 diabetes not only affects me on a daily basis, it affects every person in my life. I have dreams and goals. Everyday I have to fight this disease from taking it all from me. The hardest part is that currently there is no cure. My goal in making this documentary is to create an understanding of the issues surrounding type 1 diabetics and how they live through the disease. By following type 1 diabetics and their support systems throughout the documentary, we plan on educating the world about this disease. Education creates understanding. Understanding creates action. Action can bring about a cure. Please help me tell my story with this very personal project.

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True Media Foundation was launched in January, 2005 by Christopher Tribble, a longtime Colorado media industry professional. Since its inception, the foundation has been dedicated to empowering young people by introducing them to media as a way to voice their opinions and positively affect the future. Through the years, our youth programs have given middle through college aged students in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley unique authentic learning opportunities to gain professional new media production and business skills. We are proud of our many former students who are now in college building on their media skills and/or working as professionals in the field. Equally gratifying is watching our current students as they learn the skills that will forever serve them well, no matter what career paths they pursue.

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Spencer Mueller Bio

Spencer Mueller is the Writer, Director, and talent for “Living with Type 1 Diabetes.” As a type 1 diabetic himself, he is directly impacted by the affects of this disease. Since 2015 he has been working on, and producing this documentary. He is fueled by his passion to help people, as well as determined to fight the disease that drastically changed every part of his life. In addition to himself, he has friends, and family that have diabetes. In 2013 Spencer lost his mother to the complications from her disease. Diabetes changes the lives of everyone, and even the people who are not directly around it. Diabetes is one of the costliest diseases, costing taxpayers billions annually. Realizing the demand for education, Spencer is making the call to action, to fight type 1 diabetes.

Spencer has over 5 years of professional film, and broadcast work experience. He has worked on feature films, commercials, sports broadcast, and various kinds of productions. Spencer brings these experiences to the “Frame of Mind, Living with Type 1 Diabetes” for the goal of producing a compelling story, with a cinematic vision, and professional look.

To reach the maximum potential of viewership, and distribution. This film will attempt to compete in some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Spencer lives through his diabetes by film making, and chasing dreams. Big picture… the dream is to make a difference.

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