All proceeds go to diabetes research.

"Frame of Mind: Living with Type 1 Diabetes" follows type 1 diabetics, and their support system, presents the issues surrounding type 1 diabetics, and how they live through the disease. Diabetes has a cost to everyone. It's time to educate the world about type 1 diabetes. We all live and work with type one diabetics, but seemingly no one knows about the disease and would not know what to do in an emergency situation. These situations are not only costly but life threatening, this knowledge can and will save lives. This non-profit film aims to help eradicate and manage diabetes, and all proceeds will go towards type 1 diabetes research.


True Media Foundation

The True Media Foundation will be facilitating the donations through a 501(c)(3).

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You can also send a check to:

True Media Foundation
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Documentary impact campaigns blend the tools of media strategy, film distribution, advocacy, and community organizing. In order to engage audiences and to create real change.

One goal of this film is to transform our culture by changing the general public's awareness and perception of type one diabetes.

Your funds help support the creation of a online discussion board, diabetes research, and community education.